Vote NO on Bills S2930/A4505

Amendment to OPRA "brings darkness" to local government transparency

Use this resource to express your opposition to Bills S2930/A4505. This bill would make access to public records more difficult and government less transparent.

The proposed legislation would:

  • Make it harder and potentially costlier to sue for public records
  • Exempt crucial information like public official email and call logs, which are often the backbone of transparency efforts.
  • Broadly allow agencies to deny requests under the guise of preventing "harassment," a term that could be widely misinterpreted to block legitimate inquiries.

Take Action Now

Contact a Legislator or Committee Member

Governor Phil Murphy

Office of the Governor, PO Box 001, Trenton, NJ 08625
(609) 292-6000

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Committee Members

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How to Testify

Testify In-Person (Monday, March 11th at 10 A.M.)

To testify in person at Monday's hearing, you will need to fill out a witness slip in the respective hearing rooms at the State House Annex in Trenton. The Assembly committee will meet in Committee Room 12 on the 4th Floor, and the Senate committee will meet in Committee Room 4 on the 1st Floor. Be sure to arrive early to complete the necessary paperwork before the hearing begins at 10 A.M.

Submit Written Testimony (Before Monday's Hearing)

To submit written testimony, email your statement to the respective committee before Monday's hearing. For the Assembly committee hearing A4045, send your email to For the Senate committee hearing S2930, send your email to

Assembly Appropriations Hearing (Thursday, March 14th at 12 P.M.)

Another hearing will be held on Thursday, March 14th at 12 P.M. in Committee Room 11 on the 4th Floor of the State House Annex.